Tips to sell your house in winter

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Selling your house in winter tips

Ok, you want to sell your house this winter. You’re going to need to follow the same steps as all people who are selling their house need to go through and then there are a few extras as well that are very season specific.

The basics:

  • It’s not your house anymore

If you’ve made the decision to sell your home, you are now selling your home. It’s not yours anymore. It’s your future buyer’s future home. This is really important!

  • Who is going to buy your house?

Who do you think would want to buy your house? Is it a family, maybe a young couple, do they want cozy or bright and spacious? Think about your neighbours and what you read in the local press and you’ll soon have a very good idea about this.

  • De-clutter

Marie Kondo and her clearing out philosophy might be a little strong right now but if you are looking to sell you are going to want to hide as much as you can away. It will make your place look bigger and create the illusion of space and also order – showing that you have taken great care of your house (even if you haven’t)!

Winter rules to selling your house

  • Kerb Appeal

It’s winter, it’s likely grey, a bit dreary but you can still make your house stand out. Take a look (an objective look) at your house, at those next door and ask yourself “if I was buying a house on this road would I buy this one?” Make sure all the leaves have been tidied away, give the drive a brush or hire a power hose for an afternoon and really go to town.

Dress the entrance with fresh plants if yours are looking a bit sad. Remember it’s not your home any more it’s a house you are trying to sell. If you have tastes that are on the more flamboyant side, you might think to tone them down a bit in order to appeal to the masses!

Paint any areas that look like they have seen better days. We’re not saying hide major structural problems but a lick of paint or a good deep clean to the front of your house can do wonders. Maybe even your front door, is it looking a bit tired? Give it a clean, maybe some paint and polish those house numbers.

  • Warm but not stuffy

This is a really fine line. When buyers walk in your home they want to feel at home, cozy and warm but if they've been on the walk in the cold it can easily feel very stuffy. A great way to do this is to have windows open right until the point that they arrive to ensure there is nice fresh air in the house. When they first walk in it will seem really warm because they've been outside and the house will warm up again by the time they've acclimatised to being indoors. If you have rooms that aren't easy to keep warm then plan ahead and keep curtains closed until the last minute. You could even purchase an electric heater and hide it away when the buyers come round!

  • Replace light bulbs!

If it’s dark and gloomy outside what you really need is a nice bright house. Turn your lamps on and make it seem bright and airy, unless you’re aiming for that cozy look. In which case, soft yellow light bulbs are much better than the white lights that are everywhere these days.

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