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The cost of living in London is unquestionably high, but one easily forgotten way to save your pennies is to find an area of our beautiful capital with a lower council tax than the rest. In an effort to assist you in your mission to find the perfect home, we have taken a look at the Top Ten Cheapest Council Taxes in London. These figures are calculated according to what Band category your property falls in and this is determined by the value of the property in April 1991. To give you a vague idea of the difference in price, Westminster Council charge the lowest rate at just £448.50 (for a Band A property) while the most expensive, Kingston Upon Thames, will charge you £1115.98 for the same Band.

1. Westminster – Band A £448.50 – Band H £1,345.48

The general rule of thumb is; the more central you go the more expensive life becomes, but this the case with the council tax in Westminster which has the lowest council tax rates of anywhere else in London.

Did You Know? The earliest surviving Blue Plaque exists in Westminster on King's Street, St. James'. It was placed in 1867 to commemorate Napoleon III.

2. Wandsworth – Band A £451.77 – Band H £1,355.29

Found in South West London, Wandsworth has fast become one of the most popular hotspots for young and affluent families to reside, and certainly the relatively low council tax assists its appeal.

Did You Know? Battersea Power Station in Wandsworth is thought to be the largest brick building in Europe with an estimated 61 million bricks, as many bricks as the population of the UK.

3. Hammersmith and Fulham – Band A £681.88 – Band H £2,045.62

Despite being home to a slew of international corporations in West London, Hammersmith and Fulham remains relatively cheap to live in by London council tax standards.

Did You Know? Harry Potter stars Daniel Radcliffe and Alan Rickman were both born in Fulham and Hammersmith respectively.

4. Kensington and Chelsea – Band A £708.22 – Band H £2,124.66

Though being home to some of the most rich and famous people in the country Kensington and Chelsea offers good value for money in the council tax school of thought.

Did You Know? The Beatles and The Rolling Stones have only ever appeared on the same bill together once, on 15th September 1963, at Kensington and Chelsea's Royal Albert Hall in aid of The Printer's Pension Corporation.

5. Tower Hamlets – Band A £787.02 – Band H £2,361.04

Despite including much of the redeveloped Docklands and Canary Wharf, this increasingly desirable area offers excellent bang for your Council Tax buck.

Did You Know? Whitechapel Bell Foundry in Tower Hamlets has made the famous bells from Big Ben and The Liberty Bell, in America amongst a host of others.

6. Southwark – Band A £804.76 – Band H £2,414.28

Home to The Shard, Tate Modern and Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, Southwark is relatively cheap for in London terms.

Did You Know? Britain's first self-service petrol station opened in 1961 on the south end of Southwark Bridge.

7. Lambeth- Band A £825.80 – Band H £2,477.40

Home of the Hills that are Brixton, Gipsy, Herne, Knight's, Streatham and Tulse, makes for steep climbing but low council tax.

Did You Know? Planted by Cardinal Pole in the 16th Century, Lambeth Palace is home to Britain's oldest fig tree.

8. Newham – Band A £827.09 – Band H £ 2,481.26

North-East London', Newham is said to have one of the youngest overall populations in the country thanks, perhaps, its modest council tax.

Did You Know? In 2010/2011 the Newham council spent over £10,000 on private detectives.

9. Greenwich – Band A £850.61 – Band H £2,551.82

South-East London's borough of Greenwich is world famous for being the location of the Prime Meridian, upon which all Coordinated Universal Time is based.

Did You Know? The Millennium Dome is the largest dome in the world and the biggest single-roofed structure in the world.

10. Islington – Band A £850.67 – Band H £2,552.02

The second smallest borough in London proves size doesn't matter when it comes to council tax.

Did You Know? Angel Tube Station has the longest escalator in Europe.

Source: Local Taxes League Table

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