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8th November marks Remembrance Sunday, a memorial day in which we remember the members of the armed forces who have laid down their lives in the line of duty.

The red poppies that are worn are sold by The Royal British Legion, a charity that provides soldiers and ex soldiers with financial, social, political and emotional support. The poppy has been used as a symbol of remembrance since 1921, inspired by Major John McCrae’s World War I poem, ‘In Flanders Fields’.

SellMyHome’s charity of choice is Veterans Aid, a charity that cares for veterans in crisis by providing them with a dedicated caseworker, assisting veterans to get to a point of being able to maintain independent lifestyles and helping them in tackling substance abuse and mental health problems so that they can improve their well-being and reintegrate into society following their military service.

Veterans Aid is the leading UK charity for veterans in crisis. They run a drop in centre and a hostel where last year they provided 22,000 of accommodation for veterans, and dealt with over 4,000 calls for help and advice.

The staff who work in the hostel are trained in counseling, first aid and health and safety and are at hand for 20,000 soldiers who leave the armed forces every year who need help. Having been set up in 1932, the charity has helped countless ex-service men and women in crisis.

SellMyHome are proud to support such a worthwhile charity and to donate £5 from every instruction to Veterans Aid.

If you would like to show your support for Veterans Aid you can donate directly on their website:

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