#VillageLondon: Crystal Palace's community spirit

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You can find Crystal Palace on the cusp of no less than five South London boroughs – Bromley, Croydon, Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham, but Crystal Palace itself has plenty to offer in the way of culture, history and progressive ideas.

One such offering is the Crystal Palace Food Market, a weekly non profit market, a project run by Crystal Palace Transition Town that supports small sustainable farmers, local food producers and local growing, while promoting a community feel and creating local employment. All of the produce stallholders at the market are organic farmers, with the majority of the food stalls coming from no further than a few miles away.

Crystal Palace Food Market works with Patchwork Farm – a network of local growing spaces designed to encourage locally grown and sold produce. The community gardens welcome farmers to sell, swap and donate their food at the Saturday market – it’s a great example of the community spirit that Crystal palace has to offer.

Crystal Palace Farm

Crystal Palace Food Market and Patchwork Farm aren’t the only example of the area’s green appeal – it’s also home to Crystal Palace Park Farm, one of London’s city farms, intended to teach local children more about animals, plants and sustainable living, hands on.

The strong sense of community spirit of Crystal Palace is impossible to miss, with projects like Living Water Satisfies, a café, book and art shop that provides support to women who have been victims of domestic violence. LWS offer counselling and regular workshops in areas such as assertiveness and confidence building, and debt management, to help women to resettle following domestic violence, proving there's more to Crystal Palace than just their football team.

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