What is buyer management?

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Katie George, Head of Customer Service

Nice easy one to start... What's your name?

I'm Katie George and Head of Customer Services

Correct! What do you do?

I head up the customer services team, ensuring we maintain the highest standards from 8am to 6.30pm every single day. I'm talking with customers, buyers, managing relationships with partners that we work with and training our team to deliver consistently excellent service.

So what or who are the buyer management team?

The team are definitely whos rather than whats and they are here to manage all of our buyers. It is very much as it says on the tin. What it actually means though is that we have a team who are arranging viewings, chasing up enquiries, following up with feedback and generally ensuring buyers feel like they are as loved as our customers.

What's the biggest challenge you face?

Getting hold of buyers at times can be extremely hard. They may be looking for property whilst at work and not want to answer their phone. So sometimes it's a case of texting or emailing to try and arrange their viewing. Actually that doesn't sound that hard. It does require patience and perseverance to ensure we never miss an enquiry.

Staying organised and composed on a Monday morning when you are chasing feedback from weekend viewings whilst trying to book in second viewings and pass interested buyers on to the negotiations team. That's definitely a challenge.

How many viewings are arranged without help from your team?

Very few will ever be arranged purely on their own, buyers can be incredibly lazy. Then again, when I was house searching I would send off tens of enquiries each day and wouldn't remember which was which. We always ring any that have been arranged directly to vet them for their buying situation and to ensure that they know how to contact the owner of the property just in case they are running late.

On that, what is a buying situation?

Good question. A buyer's situation falls into two sections. One of which is how they are funding the property so whether they have the cash or whether they will be requiring a mortgage. The second part and definitely the most important is whether they are currently selling a property in order to purchase or whether they are buying with no baggage. Customers always love to hear that a buyer comes with no chain!

What happens when you leave buyers to do it themselves?

There are a few times when we do some checking on our competition to see if there is anything we can learn but everybody always seems too busy or not to care about buyers so at the moment we have to keep improving by looking for best in class in other industries. 

We do keep a few reviews from rivals on the wall to ensure we don't let our standards drop.

This is somebody's home they have entrusted us with!

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