What We’re Doing This Weekend – Forensics: The Anatomy Of Crime

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Forget CSI, the truth about crime forensics is endlessly more complicated and fascinating. Whichever way you cut it forensics is a stunning use of how science can help get a criminal from the crime scene all the way to the courthouse, and hopefully, if guilty, prison. Forensics: The Anatomy Of Crime is an exhibition that looks at the history, science and art of forensic medicine. Rarely do you have the chance to see original evidence, photographs, archive material, film footage, instruments, specimens and rich artwork all of which offer a visceral and often unsettling insight into a traumatic event.

From Victorian murder cases right through to the modern methods Forensics: The Anatomy Of Crime brings to life the complex ways in which medicine and law intertwine and the scientific methods it calls upon and creates. This is the kind of exhibition that is going to allow you to scoff at those popular TV dramas and understand just how every piece of evidence in a crime is meticulously analysed and utilised. Forensics: The Anatomy Of Crime is taking place at the Welcome Collection and is the first exhibition to take place since the Collection's £17.5 million development. The event run ends until 21st June 2015.


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