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Bloom 7 Wild

As the sun comes out there are few better ways to welcome it than with a cool and refreshing Gin and Tonic. There is probably more to gin than you know though and that's where The Ginstitute comes in to play. Considered the "true spirit of London", gin has a rich history of nearly a thousand years. You'll be taken on a whistle-stop tour of that history right in the heart of Notting Hill on the world famous Portobello Road, in the aptly named The Portobello Star. Your education in all things gin will range from gin-related artefacts, old cocktail books, and gin adverts from the 19th and 20th Century.

Having learned all about the history of the great spirit you will head to The Still Room where you will become a "Gintern". Learning about the ingredients, smell and taste of gin before, and this is the real kicker, blending your very own, bespoke gin. Of course whether or not it's any good is really down to you. With most graduations you get a bit of paper and a pat on the back well-done, not at The Ginstitute though, here you get a full sized bottle of your very own gin. If that wasn't exciting enough, The Ginstitute will also keep your blend on record so you can call them up and order another bottle whenever you like.

The Ginstitute offers classes and gift certificates all year round. For more information follow the link below.


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