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With over half of Britons ranking outdoor space in their top list of priorities when choosing a home to buy, the team find it odd that many vendors neglect their gardens when it comes to getting their properties ready for that all important sale. We couldn’t believe it when we recently read one report of someone who neglected his garden to such an extent that the rubbish could be seen on Google Earth – luckily it doesn’t seem like he’s selling up!

With a gorgeous UK heatwave upon us which doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere for the time being, now more than ever it’s vital that we pay attention to our outdoor spaces. Henry Nash, one of the co-founders of Sell My Home, has some very green fingers so he’s got some quick tips for those who are selling up, looking for a home to buy or perhaps those who just need to be inspired once more:

  • If you know you’re not particularly good at mowing your lawn and often wonder how some people have the time, you might want to consider Easi Grass as a good value option. Both pet and child friendly, all it needs is some quick raking on a monthly basis and it can transform even the smallest of gardens into an inviting green space both for entertaining and relaxing.
  • If like us you’re based in a city like London and outdoor space is at minimum then you can bring the outside in by growing herbs or creating a beautifully designed window box to brighten the exterior of your home. Something like this can give your house or flat immediate ‘wow factor’ straight away.
  • Never underestimate the importance of living near an open space (that is if you don’t have a sizable garden of your own), as studies show that living near open spaces can be beneficial not just from a physical but also mental perspective too. A good nearby park can also help sell your house fast as people can use it for runs and dog walks.
  • If your property doesn’t have a garden as such, a roof terrace, especially in a city, can provide that much needed breath of fresh air – this property has quite a striking example with lovely views. If people are viewing an online estate agents photos of your home then an image of a welcoming terrace can often convince them to actually go and view your property.
  • Pots can be a fantastic way to dress your garden without the hassle of tending to your flower beds. The vendors of this larger than average garden in South West London have used beautiful pots to frame their lawn and bring colour to their design.

Gardening is without doubt becoming more of a hip past time – you only have to look at the effort that goes into the famous Chelsea Flower Show and the amount of attendees to realise that it’s most definitely not just for the older generation. The Sell My Home team also love the concept of Guerrilla Gardening. Although technically illegal, the premise is that gardeners use their skills to brighten up and improve their local communities. Improving any community is a positive in our eyes and if that barren patch of ground at the end of your street suddenly becomes an Eden overnight, then that’s clearly going to appeal to potential buyers.

Incidentally, fact of the day; did you know that there are 14,000 estate agent branches within our UK communities – that’s 14,000 shop fronts that are being taken up by high street estate agents pushing up local retail rents and keeping the independents out. To us that’s just madness when the next generation of online estate agents have landed allowing you to sell your house privately, meaning there are such savings large to be made.

If you share our passion for greenery or just feel like a rant about how many estate agents there are on your local high street, please give our team a ring on 0203 441 2345 - they'll be able to help you sell your home quickly.

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