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Valuing property requires a lot of common sense and a keen awareness of the information that is publicly available. Every home owner and every prospective buyer has access to all the other properties that are currently for sale simply by looking at Rightmove and Zoopla. Savvy buyers and sellers can also look at the Land Registry database to see actual sales values on properties. Unfortunately the Land Registry is always a few months behind but you can still see the actual sold prices rather than simply the estate agent values or asking prices.

Estate agents then have access to even more information through the back systems of Rightmove and Zoopla and if they are valuing property all good agents will be able to show comparable properties using this system.

With all of this information available to both sellers and estate agents a fair value for your home should be relatively easy to come by. Remember that when an estate agent visits your home to value your house, they are coming to sell their services and will promise the world. This is why more than 30% of properties suffer a price reduction after the first two weeks of marketing.

How we value your home

  1. We generate a report on properties that are currently on the market via Rightmove and Zoopla and compare these to yours.
  2. We generate a report of all sold house prices from the Land Registry.
  3. We look at all national trends and factor these in to your house valuation.
  4. We look at all local and regional trends affecting house prices in your area and factor these into our valuation of your property.
  5. We discuss all of this with you and together we arrive at an accurate price that the market will pay for your property

Remember a home only has a value to the person who is either living there or wants to live there. The price that a property will sell for is determined not just by the seller, not just by the estate agent but much more importantly by the buyer. If you are selling in an area with lots of buyers you are in a different market to one where there are only one or two buyers.

High Street Estate Agent House Valuations

Every high street estate agency and some online estate agents will provide you with a free home visit house valuation. You might ask, why would they do this for free? Simple answer: they aren't doing it to provide you with a service, they are doing it to sign you up to their restrictive contracts.

They will then value your home at a level you want to hear. Some very famous estate agents will routinely promise you more than 10% above the actual market value in order to secure your business. They will then ask you to sign a contract that means they can market your home for three months on their own. They will market your property for two weeks and then you will receive the call that tells you that you need to reduce the price. It happens like clockwork after two weeks every time.

The reason: all estate agency contracts have a two week cooling off period during which sellers can withdraw their property from the agent in question. Once this is over you have a further (minimum) two and a half months with the agent in control as you just sit and wait to pay the huge fees.

At SellMyHome we prefer to provide you with a realistic valuation of your property based on hard data, market sentiment and our Property Detective reports of the local area. If you'd prefer to hear the estate agent version you can always just add 10%.

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