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Refer a friend

We all like to share a good thing with others, sharing is caring after all and when you’ve saved as much as you have with you probably want to tell the world. We love our customers and when they refer their friends to us it makes us even happier as it means they enjoyed our service so much that they recommend us to others.

As such we reward not only our customers who refer friends but also the friend who is referred:

  • For referring us a new customer you receive £50
  • The person referred enjoys a 10% discount

Now you can’t say much fairer than that can you? We can provide you with discount codes which you can offer to friends and family and they will be automatically tracked to you. So tell everyone, post it on your blog, in your email footer or even carry cards around with you! There’s £50 at stake for every single person you refer to us (even that guy that you don’t really get on with at work).

It gets better still:

  • If you refer five friends we will send you a bonus of £150
  • Refer a further five friends (10 in total) we will send you another bonus of £250

With bonuses and the constant £50, if you refer a total of 10 customers to us you will have received a whopping £900 – you’ll have made money selling your home. Now that is not to be sniffed at.

Sign in to use the email form below or if you have any ideas to help you refer friends then please email and we’ll do all we can to help.

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Once logged in have a look through your Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail accounts and recommend the deal to your contacts.

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