Virtual Walkthrough

Buyers can explore a property in incredible lifelike quality

  • The most true to life way to market your property
  • Increase buyer engagement
  • Included in our London Package

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What is it?

As you can see above it is a bit like Google Streetview for houses but in incredible lifelike quality. We are talking about state of the art 4K cameras delivering a product that puts the buyer in the property from the comfort of their home or at their desk at work. Buyers can explore a property, room by room with no distortion and no fish eye effects. Having looked at the Virtual Walkthrough above we think you will have a good idea whether you like that property or not. What do you think? 

Why do we use it?

We use Virtual Walkthrough because it delivers better qualified buyers who know what they are coming to see. We don’t waste your time with buyers who have no intention of buying your house. We think estate agent photography too often can misrepresent a property and leads to unrealistic expectations from buyers. With Virtual Walkthrough buyers know what they are looking at and know what to expect.

Why should you use it?

Less wasted time from buyers who have those unrealistic expectations. Do you remember when booking a holiday used to involve going to a travel agent, grabbing a stack of brochures and heading home to read through them before returning to the travel agent to book your holiday? Now how do you book your holiday? Online or over the phone with the power of search engines to give you feedback, images and so much more. We think it’s about time estate agency moved into the 21st century.

Why doesn’t everybody use it?

The only drawback is the cost for most estate agents. Either that or they are scared of the technology as we think  it is the best technology to help market your property. It is proven to deliver better qualified viewings and less time wasters.

As we have a large portfolio of properties we have been able to negotiate a great deal with the providers: Virtual Walkthrough who normally charge around £500 for the product. Somehow, through negotiation and by taking very little profit we are including it in our London Package that is just £899 inc vat. We believe that our customers deserve the very best!

If you are outside of the London area we can provide this service but there will be additional surcharges depending on the distance the photographers have to travel and the size of the property. Call us for a quote: 0203 44 12345

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