What are average estate agent commissions rates?

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What are average estate agent commissions rates? The commission rates charged by traditional high street estate agents can vary substantially – being anywhere between 0.75% and 3.5%. This can often result in vendors having to pay huge amounts of money for estate agents’ services. At a commission rate of 1.8%, a vendor would be charged over £6,500 to use their services to sell a £400,000 property. With the moving process being costly enough already, it seems ludicrous to be spending such an extortionate about of money on estate agent commission when the costs could be so much lower.

Online Estate Agents

At SellMyHome, we don’t believe that sellers should be charged so much for estate agency services, and we pull out the stops to help our customers spend less money to sell their home, while still giving them a great service. We save money by not having multiple branches in expensive high street locations, or lots of cars on the road – we get our vendors to carry out their own viewings so we don’t need to spend time out of the office travelling up and down the country. Instead, we can spend more time making sure our customers get the best possible customer service, while not having to charge customers more to cover our fuel costs.
It also means that we can afford to charge the lower fees that traditional estate agents can’t, saving our customers money, while still giving them a high quality service, and making the sale of their home as smooth as possible.

Because we don’t charge based on commission, it means that our focus is on selling your home for the right price, rather than overvaluing it like many traditional estate agents have often been accused of doing to make more money. Our interest lies simply in providing a great service at an affordable price while sure the sale of your home goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Instead of charging our customers commission, we use fixed fee price packages – you can find out more about the price packages we use on our website, or you can talk to someone from our team to find out which the best package is for you – just call us on 0203 44 12345.

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